Coping Skill Cards For Kids

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Kids don't automatically know how to handle big emotions like anger, fear, sadness, worry, etc. It's a skill they need to learn and it's up to us, as parents to teach them.

Just like riding a bike, your child needs to practice how to manage their emotions in healthy ways, and they need that practice before they've reached the outburst phase, (which may look like tantrums, meltdowns, screaming, isolating, etc.).

This set of 28 coping skill cards for kids, makes it easy to help your child cope with their big emotions! 

You can cut them out, laminate them, (not a must, but they'll last longer if you do) and your child can begin learning fun, healthy ways to handle their emotions.

How to use these cards

  • You can put them together, (like a deck of cards) and have your child choose one to practice.
  • If your child can read, they can use them independently.
  • If your child can't read, you can read them to your child.
  • You can practice the cards together by taking turns.
  • It's best to use these when your child's in a calm state, (practice) as they're becoming upset, or after they're beginning to calm down.
  • It's not ideal to use these during the outburst phase as your child won't be in the right state of mind to use them.

It's never too early to start helping your child learn healthy ways to manage their emotions. By starting now, you're giving your child critical life skills they'll use forever.

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