Blending Ladder Printables

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Blending sounds is one of the most important skills a child can learn when they're beginning to read.

Sound blending is essential to reading as it helps your child understand words are made up of individual sounds.

The ability to do this is one of the biggest keys to success in reading.

These printables will help your early reader learn this critical skill of blending sounds together!

How to use these Blending Ladder printables:

Have your child start with making the first letter sound and then make the second letter sound individually.

Once they've mastered the sounds individually, they can start blending the two sounds together.

Then you can begin to add a consonant to the end of the blending ladder, have them blend the first two letters with the consonant, and your child can begin to read three letter words!

*There are 17 letter blend ladder pages included*

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